ICAMIME 2019 - Third International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Industrial and Mechatronics Engineering


会议名称:ICAMIME 2019 - Third International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Industrial and Mechatronics Engineering










Welcome to the Third International Conference on Advances in Mechanical, Industrial and Mechatronics Engineering (ICAMIME 2019) which will be held during April 19-20, 2019 in Tunis, Tunisia.

ICAMIME 2019 is organized by Middle East Association of Computer Science and Engineering (MEACSE). The main objective of ICAMIME 2019 is to provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from academia and Industry to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research in the most state-of-the-art area in ICAMIME 2019 topics. Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit their contributions to ICAMIME 2019.


Acoustics and Noise Control Advanced Metal Forming, Welding & Casting Techniques Assistance Systems Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Advances for Process Industries Advances in Aerospace Technology Aerial Vehicle Aerodynamics Aeronautical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Systems and Technology Agile & Lean Manufacturing Agile/Virtual/Lean Manufacturing AI/Expert Systems/Neural Networks/Fuzzy Logic in Manufacturing Airship design and Development Airworthiness and Certifications Alternate Fuels Alternative Power Systems and Management Applications of AI Techniques in Design and Manufacturing Applied Mechanics Applied Stochastic Optimization, Uncertainty and Probability Automated Inspection and Quality Control Automation and Robotics Automation in Industries: Automobile Structure Automobile Technology Automobiles Automotive Engineering Autonomous Systems and Ambient Intelligence Bioengineering and Bio-Mechanics Biomechanics Bio-Mechatronics Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering Biomedical Manufacturing CAD CAM CAD/CAM/CIM CAD/CAM/CIM/FMS/CAPP/CAE CAD/CAM/FMS/CIMS Car Design Casting and Solidification CFD CNC Machines Coatings and Surface Engineering Combustion and Emission Control Combustion Science and Engineering Composite and Smart Materials Composite Materials Compressible Flows Computational Fluid Dynamics Computational Heat and Mass Transfer Computational Mechanics Computational Methods in Thermal Engineering Computer-Aided Design Computer-aided Manufacturing Computer-Aided Industrial Design Concurrent and Reverse Engineering Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis Cryogenics Customer Driven Production Design and Development of Aircrafts Design and Development of Rockets Design and Manufacturing Design and Modeling of Aircraft and Helicopter Engines Design and Verification Tools for Embedded Systems Design for Environment Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Diagnosis and Monitoring in Mechatronic Systems Diagnostics and Maintenance Digital Human Technique and Its Applications Driver/Vehicle Interface Dynamic Systems and Control Dynamics and Vibration Electric Drive Control Electrical/Electronic/Optical Manufacturing Embedded Systems Embedded Systems Infrastructure and Theory Energy Engineering and Management Energy Processing Energy Systems Analysis, Thermodynamics, and Sustainability Energy Water Nexus Engine and its Systems Engineering Education and Professional Development Engineering Materials Entrepreneurship in Engineering Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Experimental Methods and Measurement Facilities Planning and Logistics System Application Fatigue and Fracture Fault detection and Diagnosis in Mechatronics Systems Fiber Optics/Microwave Communications Flight Systems Flight Vehicle Navigation Fluid Dynamics Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Fluids and Thermal Systems FMS/CIMS Fracture Fuels and Combustion General mechanics Geomechanics Globalization of Engineering Green/Energy Manufacturing Haydrulic Machine Health and Safety Heat and Mass Transfer Heat and Mass Transport Processes Human-Machine Interface HVAC Implementing control algorithms Industrial Engineering Industrial Tribology Instrumentation and Control Intelligent Control Intelligent Design Intelligent Processing of Materials Intelligent Transportation Systems Internal Combustion Engines International Quality Standards Joining Processes Laser Based Manufacturing Laser Technologies Life Cycle Design of Products Logistics and SCM Machinery and Machine Design Machinery Manufacturing Technology Man – Vehicle – Land Interaction Man-Machine Interface Design Manufacturing and Life Cycle Engineering Manufacturing and Production Processes Manufacturing Education and Training Manufacturing Process, Planning and Scheduling Manufacturing Processes Marine System Design Material Engineering Material Science and Processing Materials Applications Materials Behavior Materials Forming Materials Processing Mechanical Design and Application Mechanical Engineering Testing Mechanical Power Engineering Mechanical Transmission Control Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids MEMS and Nano Technology MEMS/ NEMS Meso/Micro manufacturing Equipment and Processes Metrology and Measurement Micro air vehicle &Unmanned Micro/Nanotechnology in Manufacturing Micro-electro Mechanical Systems and Devices Micro-Machining Micromachining and Microsystem Technology Micro-Machining, Nano- Technology & Smart Materials Micromechatronics Microsystems Integration Mobility Concepts Modeling & Optimization of Systems and Processes Modeling and Design Modeling, analysis, and simulation of manufacturing processes Modeling/Simulation/Optimization in Manufacturing Systems Multibody Dynamics Multimedia Applications Nano and Micro Materials, Devices and Systems Nano- Technology NanoEngineering for Energy Nanoengineering for Medicine and Biology Nanofabrication, Nanometrology and Applications Nanomaterial Engineering New and Renewable Energy Noise and Vibration Noise Control Noise Vibration and Harshness Non-destructive Evaluation Nonlinear Dynamics Non-Traditional Manufacturing Oil and Gas Exploration Operations Management PC Guided Design and Manufacture PDM, PLM, Collaborative Product Design & Commerce Plasticity Mechanics Pollution and Environmental Engineering Powder metallurgy and ceramic forming Power Train Power-Train Solutions Precision Mechanics Precision Molding Processes Process Control and Automation Production planning and Control Production Technology Programmable Controller Applications in Engineering Quality Assurance and Environment Protection Rapid and Virtual Prototyping Rapid Manufacturing Technologies Reliability and Maintainability Reliability Engineering Resistance and Propulsion Resources & Ecology Reverse Engineering, RP/RT Robotic Automation and Control Robotics and Automation Robotics and Mobile Machines Safety Engineering, Risk Analysis and Reliability Methods Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing Sensor and Sensing Technology Sensor Networks and Networked Embedded Systems Sensors and Actuators and Networks Shape memory alloys and Active Materials Simulation & Testing Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technologies and Applications Smart Materials and Composites Solid Mechanics Space Engineering Structural Dynamics Surface, subsurface, and interface phenomena System Dynamics and Simulation Textile and Leather Technology Thermal Engineering TQC/TQM/ISO Standards Traditional/Non-traditional Manufacturing Transport Phenomena Transportation Challenges in Emerging Markets Transportation Systems Tribology Turbo Machines and Fluid Power Engineering Turbulence Unmanned Vehicles Usability Design Vehicle Aerodynamics Vehicle Design and Manufacturing Vehicle Dynamics and Control Vehicle safety Vehicle Structures and Crashworthiness Vibrations Vibration and Noise Control Vibration, Acoustics and Wave Propagation Virtual Design and Design Visualization Web-based Design and Manufacturing